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Uncropped version of the avatar used by Sam May.
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A drawing in pen taken from page 47 of Birds of a Maryland Farm: A Local Study of Economic Ornithology by Sylvester D. Judd; it is captioned Fig. 16.—Barn swallow. The image is signed with the initials J.L.R., but I was not able to find any fuller credit given in the book.

In the foreground, a barn swallow is sitting on a twig, depicted using black lines of a constant thickness in varying densities to indicate the different colors of plumage. Their right wing—folded over their back—is facing the viewer, so that only the side of a more‐lightly–shaded breast is visible. The bird has turned their head slightly to point their beak directly to the right, and the single visible eye seems to stare directly back at the viewer—this head provides the cropped section used as the avatar. The wing‐ and tail‐feathers are depicted in some detail, but the rest are only hinted at with short parallel lines following the lie along the body.

In the background, under the breast of the swallow and partially obscured by their deeply‐forked tail and the twig, a two‐story barn is depicted in less detail. From its corner, a split‐rail fence extends to the right edge of the image, and the outlines of a few trees behind everything provide the impression of woods in the distance. In front of the barn, short penmarks imply a grassy field or paddock. The rough forms of three non‐specific birds fly above the background; two are above the barn, the last is on the opposite (left) side of the swallow.

xe/xem for now, though Iʼll accept just about anything. I do ask that you not use they in the singular given the potential confusion with Russ and I.

Iʼm a software developer focusing on writing Haskell applications for everyday use; my current projects will eventually become a web browser and a music library management suite.

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